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eb Site Design & Development
Complete Web site design and development to meet every need from simple one or two page presentations, to extensive multi-level sites, shopping cart e-commerce sites, and database applications.

Web Site "Makeovers"
Complete redesign of existing sites to give them a fresh new look. This includes updating of old code to the current standard. In some cases, the graphic design of a site design still looks great, but there are technical problems with the "back end." In such a case, I can strip out all the html and recode the site preserving the "look."

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Shopping Cart E-Commerce Sites
Full featured "shopping cart" style e-commerce sites with secure server handling orders. Database driven product pages (optional). "Associate" sales capability in conjunction with the main site (optional).

Interactive Forms
Forms and form processing for any purpose, ie. registrations, entry forms, requests for information, reservations, guest books, etc.

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Logo Design
New custom designed logos, up-dating of old logos, adaptation of existing logos for Web page use.

Background Design
Custom designed backgrounds to enhance each individual site.

Web Effects
Animated logos, "rollover" effects, image maps, Java Applets, pop-up menus. A huge array of "bells and whistles" are available.

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Copy Writing
We can help you write good copy for your Web site by editing existing copy or writing new copy from your notes.

Digital Photography
If you are located with 45 minutes driving time of Fallbrook, CA, we can come and take pictures for you. We can do interior and exterior photography of your facility, product photography, and photographs specifically suited to create backgrounds, headers and logos from. We know what works on a Web site, and can take the pictures you need.

PDF Conversion
Convert your existing documents (forms, brochures, flyers, etc.) to PDFs that your visitors can download and print out to look exactly like the originals.

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Color Scanning and Image Editing
Digitizing and any necessary editing of logos, illustrations and photographs for use on Web pages.

Site Hosting
You have no idea how to find and deal with a Web server? We can handle it all for you from start to finish, or explain your options and let you take it from there. Prices start at $20 per month for virtual domain accounts with 250 MB of disk space and 50 GB per month of traffic.

Site Maintenance
Updating of site content on a per order basis.

Search Engine Optimization and Registration
While we do not specialize in SEO, we will do a good, solid, basic optimization of your site and submit it to the popular search engines. We will also advise you on how to write your copy to maximize your search engine ranking.

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