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Planning a wedding? Congratulations!! Fallbrook Web Design can create a personal wedding site for a minimal cost. We understand all the work that goes into a wedding and it is our desire to make the process as easy as possible.

You can choose any or all of the these features:

  • Your own guestbook to collect best wishes from friends and family.
  • Photo gallery to display pictures of you and your betrothed from birth to the present.
  • Ceremony and reception information.
  • Post events, dates, directions and hotel availability information.
  • Include a fun trivia quiz with questions about the bride and groom.
  • Gift registration numbers and links to store websites at which you are registered.
  • Fun areas where you can detail how you met and first dates.
  • A copy of your wedding invitation
  • Allow guests to RSVP online and have the information e-mailed to you or any recipient.
  • Free hosting for 6 months
  • Free available domain name registration. For example:,
  • After the wedding, we can post your wedding photos on the your site for all to enjoy.

In order to keep the cost to a minimum, we are developing several attractive site templates that will be available soon or we can build a custom site just for you. Average cost? Only $500-$800! A lot less than most spend on catering (or even flowers.) Long after that last morsel of wedding cake is eaten, your site will still be providing for the enjoyment of your friends and family.

For more information contact us or fill out our request for free quote form and specify "wedding site" in the project details box.


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